Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Welcome Storm

We survived our first week of work!  Not only that, but this Monday is a holiday in Ghana, so we have a long weekend.  Today we went to the market in Tamale to buy food for the week as well as branch out a bit to see what's around.  The market is crowded with people, and tends to be a very tiring experience.  I was able to find some fabric for a great price though. I'm hoping to be able to have it made into a dress, since there are plenty of seamstresses around.

This evening we got a pretty powerful storm, which is very nice since it cools everything down.  Its actually not as hot here as I had expected it to be, but the cool breezes are still welcome after the heat of the day.  We were lucky enough not to have lost power yet, so all in all it makes for a very nice night.

Looking back at our first week, it seems like we have come a long way.  Some of the things we have experienced are things I anticipated, while others were unexpected.

As I mentioned, I thought it would be much hotter.  Don't get me wrong, its plenty hot.  But, I wouldn't say its been worse than the hot days in August in Pennsylvania, except that it is more humid here.  Although, its only been a little over a week, so who knows what's in store!

Another thing that is different than expected is the food.  We were not originally expecting to have a kitchen which would have meant eating out the majority of the time.  I am very happy to have our own kitchen and to be able to prepare our own meals.  Sometimes simple things like making familiar foods bring an extra joy since they are uncommon here.

All in all, we have been happy, comfortable and healthy!

Shannon and our Ghanaian version of grilled cheese , which we all enjoyed greatly

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